Below are the possible answers of the questions you might have about Macro Digitizing

1- Can I Place order through website?

Yes you can simply place an order through our website to save your time. Register yourself filling up a simple form and you will be provided a login id and password free of cost via email.


2-which file format do I need to send you and what file format am I suppose to get back with fabric details.

You can send any file format which shows preview like .png .jpg .pdf .bmp. The “JPG picture” File is our top priority to receive good quality art work so we can also put small details in the design to give you guys a handsome design back with finished files. You can ask for the file format whatever file format your machine support. We digitize for all fabric types accordingly.

3- I have 100 caps and 50 t-shirts I want embroider on cap and printing on t-shirts.

We only provide digitizing service for embroidery and vector art service for screen printing we do not receive any physical caps or t-shirts to embroider or print on it. We just create a file that can help you to embroider a design on cap and printing on t-shirts.

5- Do I have any chance to get a free design?

Yes in case you register yourself on our website and refer one of your friend in the same business to get registered on our web with a logo then you will have 2 logos free of cost.

6- Do you create different font which are not available in wilcom software

Yes we have created software which helps us to exactly digitize the same font as wilcom font style to maintain a good quality work.

7- Can I get the mock up or simulation sample file to show my customer a stitch count and design look before I go ahead and place an order?

Yes, since you land on our Macro digitizing platform you have an option to get a free digitizing mock up file to show your customer look of the design after digitizing and stitch counts as well.

8- Do you charge before sending completed files?

We don’t charge first we get an order proceed it after price approval send files to the customer  after a day or two we customer get a chance to run the design we ask for the feedback of the job if the quality is good and customer is satisfied we go ahead and send the invoice via email.



9- How do I suppose to make payment?

We accept most of the credit card PayPal & Online two check out payment. To let our customer know how they can make payment to Macro Digitizing we also send online payment guidance along with invoice.


10- Do you work on weekend? If I send design on weekend will I be able to get on Monday morning

Yes we also work on weekends  if you send us design on Saturday or Sunday then you will able to get all finished file on Monday morning. As Sunday is the worship day so we all spend time in church with due respect for Jesus Christ.



The Macro Digitizing Started in 2015 with an outstanding service like digitizing, vector art and custom patches, behind this entire struggle we have a story.