Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Following are some of the terms and conditions we want our customers to be agreed with before they go ahead and take decision to do business with us. We request them to read carefully and review all before they consider Macro Digitizing for their digitizing or vector art vendor.

Money Back Guarantee:

It’s our top priority to provide outstanding services within a due timeline committed with our valuable customers while they submit an order to Macro Digitizing. If in case we failed to provide good quality digitizing due to rush orders or design complexity.

Then we ask our customer to send us sew out jpg picture to show our designer and machine operator to get the problems resolved. We possibly get our top designer to fix the issues within 1 hour and request the machine operator to run the design on machine to see if the problems lies on our hand or customer sides. We send the files again double checked by our quality assurance department back to the customer along with sew out picture of the design we run on our machine. Then we again request the customer to run the files on their machine. And if it’s still not good getting that feedback from customer then we do not waste the time of our valuable customer we then excuse for quality issues due to the design complexity with tiny letters and congested areas allocated by customer to be digitized there, and we come to the following conclusion along with executive’s body.

As our customer are very important and top priority of our business, we do not dispute with them if they are not happy with our quality standards we approve the case for refunding the money within 5 working day back to their account.

Remember one thing we only give money back grantee on those terms and conditions if the problem is on our hand. That’s why we run the digitized design on our own production house. And if the design is clear from all aspects and our sew out file is with good quality then we assume that there must be something wrong with the client machine so the customer needs to communicate with the machine vendor to fix the issues. We also provide remote assistance to our customer regarding machine’s minor problems or our expert machine operator guides our customers Via Phone or email instructions where the problems actually lies having first look on the bad sew out form customers. We strive hard to make our clients 100% satisfied with all possible ways and if the case is genuine we refund the money of our customer of that particular order in which they are facing troubles.

The following three cases are approved by Macro Digitizing to refund the customer s money they paid for the digitizing fee.

  1. Design with bad quality after two to three revisions.
  2. Wrong art work digitized or vectorized by our Macro Digitizing.
  3. Spelling mistakes from our digitizing department or punching wrong alphabets by the designers.



The Macro Digitizing Started in 2015 with an outstanding service like digitizing, vector art and custom patches, behind this entire struggle we have a story.